The Mediterranean sea is wonderful for days at the beach or day trips with the motorboat. If you have a holiday home at the Coté d’Azur you might also have a motorboat in a harbour nearby. In some harbours the boat can stay in the Water all year in others you properly will take it out for the wintertime. We both have the french boat licence and enjoy our small motorboat all year round. In the harbour, we see a lot of boats which are used very seldom, and when its finally time for a tour, the battery is empty or the motor is damaged during the last storm.  


We offer surveillance of your motorboat. You decide how often we check on the boat (outside and/or inside), if we should check if it starts or if we even take it regularly for a short trip. The services are tailored according to your needs and choices. Just download and fill out the form and we will give you a quotation.


We can help with the organisation and surveillance of the yearly boat and motor service. Just let us know what you need.